The expansion of functionality has been implemented in geovation 2015

Optimized kernel for improved stability and throughput (memory mapping) and checks for dataflow anomalies.

Optimization of 3D modules for HD/WAZ processing (64 multicore)

Optimized dense data access in SDS, new formats (Compact,
WZ), as well as enhanced data management in Geodesk

More reliable module parameterization with common
xml source and DOGE dynamic documentation system

Improved graphic applications for data analysis and
advanced standalone workstations: Geoland, GeOlympus, Tornado, VectorVista

New generation applications: DeSign, SeisGrid/SectorView

New modules for enhanced workflows:

+50 from geovation 2013 - in all processing domains
(+246/-68 with respect to GCT5000)

Access to “best-in-class” technologies: Auto-adaptive denoise, Broadband desig/deghost, 3D SRME, 1-pass SC decon/amplitude, 3D Radon denoise/demultiple, 5D Interpolation, Azimuthal RMO, BEM and RTM, improved tomography…