Following Russian tendency of import replacement, Geoleader ltd. implemented GeoServer ( in the Russian Offshore NDR in November 2015.

The development of GIS-interface employed by our Company enabled to create a complex mapping interface in PetroVision for NDR users without any need to use commercial components. Now the user can make a search built upon the location-based positioning. For example, the user can select a certain area at the map and easily find all seismic lines within it. This enables users to view information on the uploaded data directly from the map, which contributes to PetroVision functional and visual aspects.  

GeoServer is a server with an open source code which allows managing data sources of geographical information systems (GIS) and accessing to such data using Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Map Service (WMS). GeoServer has rich program interface REST API which allows managing data of complex Web-applications without manual actions.

Geoleader has started developing and testing this technology since 2014, when the company set a course for implementing open standards following the target to conform to the import replacement policy in Russia. By the end of 2015 Geoleader is going to announce the beta-release of PetroVision V, which might be provided to users on the basis of open-source technologies only. Apart from GeoServer, which is the analog of ESRI ArcGIS Server, PetroVisionV will also use DBMS PostgreSQL (analog of Oracle Database) and application server GlassFish (analog of Oracle Weblogic).

All these developments are planned both for Russian and Foreign companies