In April, 2014 JSC «Dalmorneftegeophysica» and LLC «Sovfransgeo» jointly create the Processing Centre with 2500-core cluster.



 The cooperation of JSC DMNG and SFG-Geoleader group of companies provides the unique possibility of the potential realization and achievements in geophysical service based on practical experience in different seismic and geologic conditions including the modern technologies of processing using Geocluster/Geovation software and creating of the new one.

Processing Centre jointly formed by DMNG & SFG provides the unique potential of work experience in the sphere of seismic data processing and has the indisputable advantages:

  •  state-of-the-art powerful Processing Centre based on DELL equipment.
  •  qualified staff with work experience in all kinds of 2D-3D seismic data processing (in onshore, offshore & transitin zones) with 1C-2C-4C technologies.
  •  possibility of rapid group formation of geophysicists for the special project aims from the PC specialists and DMNG (PC Sakhalin) and SFG (Tyumen).
  •  technical support and maintenance of Software and CGG technologies immediately from Geoleader.
  •  Possibility of development of new technologies in processing and software for solving particular problems of project work.